psychotherapy with soul

Psychotherapy with Soul


Psychotherapy with soul

Deep inner work is an opportunity to ~


* resolve traumas and old wounds from childhood and help you shift energy within and without, thus changing the circumstances of your life. Psychotherapy with soul is much more than just ‘talk therapy’ or intellectual/cognitive insights. It’s about shifting energy in your life to create growth and expansion.


* teach you tools to manage stress, depression, anxiety + regulate your emotions.


* understand and make meaning out of loss or heartbreak so that you may unpack the gifts within the loss to help actualize you and your life.


* bridge + connect you to a deeper sense of self– cultivating authentic power + presence.


* challenge you within a container of love to be more fully yourself.


* deep change at a core emotional, psycho-spiritual level is work and requires a commitment to yourself and to the process.



Working with young adults, teens, and adults.


Specializing in:

young adults + millennial issues
heartbreak and loss
depression. anxiety. grief
spiritual development

spirituality & soul

suicide-survivor grief

existential issues + discovering life purpose
emotional abuse in women