Self Care



Self-care is one of the most important keys toward healing and bringing wholeness to trauma, brokenness, and isolation.


I am on a quest to gather and collect a list called “1001 Ways of Self Care.” I would love to know what practices or acts you do to nourish, love, and mother yourself.


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1001 Ways of Self Care

01. Cradling- curling up in bed with a long pillow
02. Practicing Yoga
03. Daily meditations
04. Qigong
05. Dancing
06. Placing one hand on my heart and one hand on my belly and breathing
07. Baths with candles, salts, oils, and music
08. Massaging my feet while in the bath
09. Lying in child’s pose
10. Listening to soothing music
11. Connecting to the image of a starfish
12. Hula hooping to music at the beach
13. Preparing my food with love
14. Eating my food with love
15. Talking to my pain or injury and saying “I love you”
16. Saying to my heart “I’d rather feel the emotion than feel the physical pain [of an injury]”
17. Asking for guidance from angels while listening to a specific song about angels.
18. Running my hands through my hair lovingly

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