19. Braiding my hair
20. Holding my own hand
21. Giving my shoulder a kiss
22. Going to the spa for steam, sauna, and hot tub
23. Soaking in hot springs
24. Collecting shells at the beach
25. Buying myself flowers
26. Two hour long soak in the bath with olive oil, epsom salts & other oils
27. Lathering Extra Virgin Olive Oil on my skin 2x a day
28. Meditating twice a day when things are stressful
29. Swimming
30. Reading excellent literature and poetry
31. Visualizing being at the ocean: the sounds, smells, and sights
32. Sit or walk near any body of water (creek, stream, reservoir, lake ocean) and listen to the sounds of the water/waves
33. Earthing
34. Going to the park and watching children play (while earthing all the better)
35. Going to the park and swinging
36. Doing something creative without judgement, like drawing ‘outside the lines’ with crayons, singing aloud songs I spontaneously make up, setting a timer for 15 minutes and doing spontaneous writing
37. Planting something, nurturing it, and watching it grow
38. Practice vulnerability by calling a friend who loves me unconditionally and telling them what is REALLY going on instead of what my ego tells me I should be talking about
39. Making myself a fresh green vegetable juice
40. Juice fasting for part or all of the day to clear out any old stuff that might be keeping me stuck from feeling my beauty and power
41. Doing a colonic or enema (had to add this, it helps!)
42. Going for a bike ride and letting myself feel like I am a little kid without any adult responsibilities
43. Asking for a dream from my spirit guides to help me work through whatever I need help with in my life or answers to questions
43. Going outside and getting some fresh air, even if just to walk around the block
44. Massaging coconut oil all over after a hot shower or bath, giving extra attention and love to body parts with cellulite
45. Burning essential oils in my diffuser
46. Connecting to the wisdom of wise people I have met through invoking memories of them
47. Hugging trees
48. Clean out closets/cupboards
49. Making a commitment to do one thing every day towards achieving an important goal or dream, and then actually doing it
50. Making a commitment to help someone I care about achieve an important goal or dream, and then actually doing it.
51. Reaching out for help/support when I am having a hard time practicing self care and REALLY need to
52. Reminding myself it is way better to feel pain/sadness/grief than to be numb
53. Visualize myself surrounded by light and love
54. A nice walk, woods or park is best, paying attention to the things around you rather than listen to your mind.
55. If you can walk with a child, even better, as they see with unblemished eyes what we sometimes cannot.
56. Rejoice in the accomplishments you’ve had in your life
57. Celebrate all the events, things, people you are grateful for. Write them down, and keep adding to the list.
58. Take time for a massage, or sound therapy, heal your body inside and out.
59. Ask for help. You don’t have to do it all, it doesn’t have to be perfect, sharing a task makes the work go faster, easier and less stressful.

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