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Santa Monica
Downtown Los Angeles

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Therapy for groups, businesses, and individuals looking to achieve goals, re-program organizational structures, discover life purpose, resolve traumas and overcome anxiety/grief.

Individual Therapy.

I love tea rituals for their soothing effects. Come enjoy a cup of tea with me in session as we explore what’s happening in your life.


Using dance/movement and music as an entry point into deeper somatic experiencing of the body and Presence. This is a monthly workshop and is hugely fun and transformative. Please message me for more details.


I offer in-office or on-site consulting for groups, businesses, and individuals on a variety of issues such as strategy for achieving goals, re-programing organizational structures, or discovering life purpose.
Deep change at a core emotional, psycho-spiritual level is work and requires a commitment to yourself and to the process. Specializing in: young adults + millennial issues, heartbreak and loss, depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, spiritual development, spirituality & soul, suicide-survivor grief, existential issues + discovering life purpose, teenagers, emotional abuse in women.
Dr. Sarah Neustadter